826CHI Associate Board


826CHI's Associate Board supports 826CHI through community awareness and creative fundraising, including an annual cocktail gala: Prologue. Membership in our Associate Board provides excellent networking opportunities, memorable social events, and a unique way to be involved outside the typical 9-to-5.

Members of the Associate Board meet regularly to fund, plan, and host exciting and captivating activities to engage companies, volunteers, friends, and families.

For more information and to inquire about membership, please email AB@826chi.org.



Chair: Ian Law

Vice Chair: Rowan Beaird

Communications: Gianna Canning

Treasurer: Alissa Walkner

Caroline Bilicki

Joy Brown

Corey Chan

Marcus Emmanuel

Lauren Farrell

Shawn Gaines

Kent Green

Theodore Hahn

Kyli Herzberg

Adel Johnson

Rosemary Lane

Jeffrey Levine

Matt Lipman

Evan Marshall

Laura Mittelstaedt

Jessica Mlinaric

Sam Mock

Genny Ramos

Kate Schriner

Matt Sudman

Libby Walker

David Welch

Natalia Welch

Stephen Wroblewski